Women's Ministry

A lighthouse of hope for the battered and bruised
A place of refuge for the brokenhearted and abused
A place of peace for the battlefield mind
An open door for all mankind
A balm in Gilead for those in pain
A haven of rest for the halt and lame
A solace for the troubled soul
A place for refreshing from all life’s woes
Unconditional love for those rejected
Healing within for those molested
Compassion for the sinner, comfort for the grieved
Fellowship for the friendless, prisoners set free
Where those who are tormented can find relief
A place of encouragement for all those who weep
The forsaken and forgotten as they enter these doors
Will know they’ve come home to be strangers no more
Where dreams and visions once thought lost
Can be restored in mercy t the foot of the cross
That the learned and unlearned can sit side-by-side
And hear the preached word, anointed and live
Sin washed away by His blood that still flows
From an old rugged cross untouched by its foes
That the young and the old who travel this sod
be welcomed and transformed by the pure love of God
Christ Church is for the rich and poor
To worship together that they may soar
To heights above, yet unknown
To sit at his feet around his throne
To learn of Jesus and take his yoke
To grow in him, as the mighty oak
To always remember from whence they came
And never bring reproach or shame to his name
As this church stays on its knees
It will fulfill its destiny
A “Lighthouse of Hope” in a darkened world
Shining that others may spend eternity with God.
                                                 Glenda Royal