Christ Church History



During the year of 1974, there was conceived in the heart of our pastor and his wife a great desire to see a church established where people of all walks of life could come together and worship God in spirit and in truth.  This desire was brought to birth on January 20,1975, when the Church of Jesus Christ Pentecostal was established.  During the month of January, a church building located at 12th and Adams in Little Rock, Ar was leased.  The lease was signed by Pastor Dudley for a period of one year.  With great anticipation, the doors were open that first Sunday and approximately 30 people came to worship.  As the weeks went by, others began to come and join themselves to the church.  Some of those people are still very faithful and active in the church today.  There were many great and wonderful experiences in this building that we will never forget.

After the first year, the congregation moved to the 7th Day Baptist church building on 11th Street.  During this time, we were seeking God for property that was suitable to build and expand our ministry.  After many months of looking and not finding anything suitable, God lead us to the southwest part of Little Rock to Vimy Ridge Road.  There we found 3 acres of land that received immediate approval from the congregation.  With very little money in hand we began to look for a source of financing to purchase this property and to build a building for the glory of God.  We secured a loan from Benton Savings and Loan and began construction in the summer of 1976.  The congregation accepted the task and challenge of building and worked diligently both day and night.  There were many wonderful experiences during these months of labor.  How could we forget the long hot days of that summer, the sounds of hammer and saw, and the voices of men and women as they praised God for what he was doing in our midst.

The building was completed and we moved in and began having services in November.  Since then, God has added many wonderful families to the congregation. The church has experienced a steady growth each year.  The year just passed, 2010, has been the most productive year of the church.  We are looking to the future with great anticipation.

In 1978 the Family Life Center was built which serves as a multi functional building.  In 1980 a beautiful parsonage was built which serves as the home for pastors George and Joyce Dudley.  In 1996 the sanctuary was built. The construction is of wood frame, brick and exposed beams with a wood ceiling.  It has the capacity of seating up to 500 people.

Gods hand has certainly been on this congregation and all of these buildings have been dedicated to the service of God to accommodate the harvest of souls God has promised to give.